Can Knockdown 2 App Reviews

93 add

CAN knowdown

Très bon jeu super graphisme

Cans 2

Good but cans dont always fall when they should, frustrating!!

A Must-Have

Bloody Brilliant. Une pure merveille. Estraordinario. Büyük game. Un juego genial. Das spiel. And no, Im not getting paid for writing all this.

Great game

Excellent physics. And it is getting even better with version 3.

Great Game!

Great game, a lot of fun!




Great game. Would like more levels and/or a build your own stack of cans.

Great game

I am addicted to this game!

Lots of fun

The family loves the game....

Unhealthily addictive

I spend too much time on this game. Good job!


This is a fun time waster. But more to do please

Very addictive, great gameplay

Awesome game

Better than angry birds!!!

Title says it all

Great addictive time waster

One of the few games I really constantly play again and again.

The best

Its very addictive and great for friendly competition!

Good fun!

Great game and all kinds of fun!


Try to stop playing


This game is insanely addictive! Simple premise.....throw ball at them fall or explode! I recommend this. No issues with the perfect on ipad2.

Great Game

Unpredictable level, challenging, simple game!!!!

Dont like GAMES!! This company HAS GOT IT RIGHT!!

This bunch of creators r apples BEST! There hasnt been a disappointment from them as yet..however I havent played EVER ONE of their games LOL ...their creations r for those that dont like these game apps cuz ure really not good at them n dont enjoy being crushed by games u cant play or figure ME !! LOL!! I love their apps BCUZ it gives my kids a chance to c mom can play too !! N usually the MINUTE I download a new app from Infinite Dreams Inc, the kids find it n finish it first cuz they love the excitement of trying one of their new games!! Thank u for bringing my girls n I closer together!! Lol!!

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